Family Testimonials

"American Professional Nannies/ Angela Wilson has provided me very high quality nannies in a very timely manner. Angela has been instrumental in finding me quality night nannies and nanny/household managers I feel very comfortable with to help take care of my infant twins. She has a variety of nannies to fit your needs when your child care situation changes. She was a lifesaver for me. I highly recommend her to help you find the nanny that is right for your family."

Dr Annette and Jason Chance, Pleasantville, IA

"Our family has worked with American Professional Nannies several times over the last 10 years.  Angela Wilson does an excellent job of matching personalities of nanny candidates with families.  She is very thorough in her screening process of nanny candidates.  We appreciate the work that she does to try an find the right fit for each family. Over the last several years we have recommended American Professional Nannies to several of our friends looking for childcare."

 Dave and Becky Sjurson, West Des Moines, IA

“American Professional Nannies has provided us with quality, convenient and affordable childcare.  We are so thankful we had Angela Wilson to help us with the overwhelming task of finding reliable, professional childcare for our three children. She is a blessing!”

Dr. Mark and Jaime Smolik, Urbandale, IA

"I was very happy with the process I went through at American Professional Nannies. I received timely and numerous candidates to review, interview, and finally hire. The background and reference checks were thorough. Angela was fantastic; she looked at each candidate as though she was hiring them for her own children. Her experience makes her a great sounding board. While we found a nanny fairly quickly, I never felt pressured to make a decision I wasn't ready to make. Yet at the same time Angela kept me informed of each candidate's status so I wouldn't miss an opportunity to hire the one that best fit our family. I've tried to do this on my own in the past and this process was much faster and less anxiety-filled. I will definitely use them again. We loved our nanny so much we jumped through hoops to make sure she could still sit for us as much as possible while also attending college. As she moves on with her life, she continues to be part of our family."

Joe and Lori Mc Carty, Waukee, IA

“I had a wonderful experience working with Angela.  I found her to be very prompt in returning my phone calls & emails. She really put in the effort to find the right nanny for our family.  A few times, I had to call her after hours and she was willing to answer all my questions.  She stayed patient and committed for the whole process until I found the nanny of my choice for my toddler girl & for the baby we are expecting pretty soon.  I must say that she's one great person to work with & I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to find a nanny.  She personally meets with all the prospective nannies and does a background check before recommending them to any family.  I thank her for her assistance and wish her well."

Dr. Shehzad and Sam Kamram, Norwalk, IA

“I used American Professional Nannies several times. Angela and her staff always conducted thorough interviews with prospective nannies and did comprehensive background checks. Every nanny we hired from American Professional Nannies became like family. They traveled with us on business trips and provided excellent care while my husband and I worked outside the home.

The staff at American Professional Nannies did an outstanding job of screening nanny applicants. I always had a number of excellent nannies from which to choose. Knowing that background investigations were complete and references checked and double-checked, made it easy to select the nanny that was the best fit for our family.

As a professional working mother, I appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail that Angela Wilson and her staff at American Professional Nannies provided. Every nanny that Angela placed with us was responsible, reliable and trustworthy. Her agency's reputation is outstanding. In fact, I have referred a number of friends who needed reliable childcare that fit their schedule.”

Franklin and Courtney Greene, West Des Moines, IA

“American Professional Nannies is a remarkably dedicated and thorough nanny provider.   Each nanny that is [placed] by Angela Wilson has a lengthy background check and is interviewed by Angela herself so that she may provide with the best possible nanny.  Angela also works very hard to make sure the nanny “fits” with the family.  We highly recommend American Professional Nannies.  Angela is the best!”

Dr Brad and Gaylyn Markowski, Waukee, IA

“For the past 18 years American Professional Nannies has provided excellent candidates for our family. Angela's screening process and personal involvement  has always helped us find the right nanny  for our needs.”

BJ and Tiffany Baker, West Des Moines, IA The Baker Group

“I have used American Professional Nannies for the past several years to help me find a part-time nanny for my 4 young children. Angela has been very helpful and has always found a great nanny for our family. I have used other agencies before and none of them compare to American Professional Nannies. Angela is great at communicating with you and helping you find the perfect nanny!”

Dr. Kent and Tisha Hall, West Des Moines, IA

“American Professional Nannies is a high quality professional nanny placement service that delivers excellent results. We had several great experiences with the live-in, seasonal and temporary nannies we hired over an eight year period.  With a highly demanding position that often requires out of the country travel, we were always so grateful that we were presented with nannies who could be depended upon in all situations. We highly recommend this company and Angela Wilson, the owner.”

Bill and Colleen Reed, Cincinnati, OH

“We have had an excellent experience in working with American Professional Nannies.  We worked with Angela for over 9 years, with several nannies.  Our last nanny was with us for almost 5 years, and we only let her go due to the fact that my 2 youngest girls are now in school full time.  Not only was she instrumental in helping my husband and I raise our 4 girls, she has become a member of our family and we are thrilled that she continues to be part of our lives. American Professional Nannies has been instrumental in working with our family over the years, assessing our needs, cares and concerns in order to find us just the "right fit" for our family needs.”

Dawn Reed, Family of Six, Urbandale, IA


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