Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Q: What types of positions do you place?

A: We offer several categories of nannies. We place full-time, part-time and temporary nannies, live-in and live-out nannies, infant care and summer nannies. We also offer an as-needed or occasional nanny (babysitting) service. (As-needed nannies are nannies/teachers who are looking for extra hours during evenings and weekends. There is no commitment of hours from either side.)

Q: How long does it take to find a qualified candidate?

A: On the average, it takes 4 - 6 weeks once we receive your Family Application and Application Fee. It can often happen more quickly. Once we have determined your specific needs, we will begin your specific search. We view our success on the quality of our candidates rather than the quantity. We are committed to carefully matching our candidates with you to form a successful and lasting working relationship. We offer on going support when needed and we will continue to work with you until a successful match is made and beyond.

Q: What does a nanny do?

Our nannies provide a nurturing, stimulating environment for your children. Understanding and meeting the needs of your children is of the utmost importance. This includes comforting them, respecting their feelings, and most importantly, loving them.

A nanny's first priority will always be the care and well being of your child. Nannies work within the guidelines established by the parents, to help foster growth and personal development of your children. The partnership between the parents and nanny help encourage a sense of security for the child, and allows for normal emotional development.

Some nannies are also willing to do minor household duties, i.e. light housework. However, the nanny should be focused primarily on completing tasks related to the child. This includes age-appropriate development activities, reading, upkeep of children's rooms and entertaining them. For older children, activities may include transportation, homework assistance, overseeing chores, or organizing schedules. But, it is important to remember that the first priority should always be in nurturing and loving your children.

Q: What is the salary range I can expect to pay?

A: Nanny salaries vary based on the candidates experience, education, job responsibilities and location. Most nannies are typically paid between $8 -$12 per hour. Additional factors that affect the nanny's salary include number of children, duties and hours required. Although the family and nanny ultimately negotiate the salary, American Professional Nannies provides guidelines to help determine a fair-market range of pay.

Q: How do you screen potential candidates?

A: American Professional Nannies screens potential candidates that have previous experience in childcare with excellent references that we personally verify. We screen individuals who are personally referred to our organization and we also recruit candidates who have the experience and characteristics that meet our clients needs. Each prospective applicant is carefully evaluated on their child care skills, professionalism, character, and conduct. Each American Professional Nanny is required to meet our standards of screening and background checks which include:

  • Preliminary phone screening
  • Detailed application procedure
  • Personal interview
  • Certified child abuse/sexual abuse check from the Department of Human Services
  • Certified driving background check with the Department of Transportation
  • 3 child care, 3 character and business reference checks
  • Social Security verification

Q: What benefits are typically provided for a nanny?

A:  Benefits vary from position to position, with the family having control of what they offer. Common benefits may include:

  • Typically 2 weeks paid vacation is offered for year-long placements
  • 2-3 paid sick/personal days per year
  • paid holidays
  • use of an automobile, gas money or mileage reimbursement
  • job performance salary increases after one year contract
  • Christmas or anniversary bonuses (optional)
  • medical insurance or money towards a premium (optional)

Q: Should I hire a live-in or a live-out nanny?

Evaluate your needs before making this decision. Why do you want a nanny? What will a nanny provide you with? If you work long hours and need a flexible schedule, you might require live-in. If you work a regular schedule (same days, same hours) you could consider live-out.  

If you choose live-in childcare, you will at least need a private bedroom and bath for the nanny. The nanny will be in your home 24 hours a day. The positive side to this situation is they will never have trouble getting to your home due to weather etc. since they live with you.    

There are more things to consider when you have a live-in nanny because it's important for her to maintain independence. Having a live-in nanny doesn't mean you'll have 24 hrs/7days a week of childcare. They need the freedom to come and go during their off hours. You'll not only have your nanny living in the house, but you'll be having a tenant who will be making your home her home. Nannies need reasonable access to the home, i.e. house alarm, kitchen, laundry etc.

In rare instances families provide their nanny with a car that can be used for the nanny’s personal needs as well as transportation for the children. 

Q: What is a Family/Nanny Contract?

A: A Family/Nanny Contract is an agreement signed by the family and the nanny. This Contract outlines expectations of the nanny and the family. This includes salary, pay day, job responsibilities and important household information. A signed Contract is beneficial for the family as well as the nanny because it states in writing what is expected and it helps to create an open work environment. This is a wonderful communication tool that eliminates confusion and defines the complete job description and sets mutual expectations in the beginning.

Q: I am interested in retaining your services. What is your fee schedule?

A: To initiate your search with American Professional Nannies, a non-refundable search deposit fee of $100.00 is required along with a completed Family Application.

If you hire one of our referred candidates, our placement fee is:

  • $695.00 for a full-time nanny
  • $595.00 for a part-time nanny
  • $295.00 for a summer nanny
  • $150.00 for a month or less (fill-in child care for a new mother, or for parent needing to recover from surgery, etc.)
  • $50.00 for a week or less (vacation, business trip, etc.)

We also offer “as needed” or occasional babysitting service. The fee is $150.00 and gives you access to four nannies looking for extra evening or weekend hours. In this situation, neither side guarantees or commits to a specific amount of hours or days per week. The family can develop a relationship or bond with one or two specific nannies but with back-up options if their favorite nanny is not available. (Date nights, parties, entertaining, etc.) The candidates in this category are typically full-time/part-time nannies or teachers looking for occasional income.

After the candidate accepts the position, our agency placement fee will be due.

Q: How do I get started?

A: When we have received your completed Family Application and Application Fee, we will contact your to discuss your needs and our placement procedure. We will work with you closely until a successful match has been made.



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